Introducing… Scott Larson of Stadium Apps

Introducing… Scott Larson of Stadium Apps

In my last post, I mentioned how fired up Scott Larson is about Stadium Apps. I thought it would be nice for you to meet him yourself and hear his perspective on things as this story unfolds. With that in mind, he has offered to write a few guest blog posts that we can share with you here.

Building an app is so much more than writing code. I think most would agree that the technology is really just the tip of the iceberg. This first post from Scott gives you just a peek into how much hustle and passion he’s putting into bringing his vision to life.

Building a start-up is hard work, not doubt about it.  First of all, there is the chicken or egg problem (more to come on that topic later).  But needless to say, I’ve been taking all kinds of meetings in the attempt to get feedback on what we are building as a prototype, with help from Linda and James.

I spent last weekend in Silicon Valley, the heart and soul of not only tech but the start-up community in general.

First up on my agenda was a meeting with early stage start-up Micello, which hopes to compete for the indoor mapping market against titans such as Google. They were quite impressive and I hope to work with them in the future.

Next I met with Ballena Technologies to discuss the business model. Ballena has been extremely successful with providing mapping solutions for stadiums, albeit in a slightly different manner.

After these meetings, I attended a SF Giants game at the venerable (and highly wired) AT&T Park. Later that evening, I met up for drinks with lots of tech industry folks, hoping to make a splash (this included working professionals from Oracle, Informatica, McKinsey, SideScreen, and numerous other start-up folks).

My 48-hour visit to San Francisco concluded with a visit to Berkeley to watch the Bears beat Portland State 37-30 at a sun-drenched Cal Memorial Stadium.

This week’s challenge: translate all of the lessons learned so that James and Linda can further build upon the use case we selected for our prototype.

Thanks, Scott! We look forward to hearing more from you over the coming weeks.

Next up, James will talk about what he is working on technology wise. Stay tuned…

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