Play ball!!

Play ball!!

Most of the work we do is performed under non-disclosure agreements that prevent us from talking about it. But right now we’re just starting a new project with a customer who would LOVE for us to talk. So over the coming weeks, we’re going to tell the whole story from start to finish.

This project came to us via our good friends at team A design. We collaborated with team A on a flight tracking iPad app a little while back. Recently, they introduced us to Scott Larson from Stadium Apps as the go-to people for iOS apps with robust mapping capabilities.

I must confess – I’m a fair-weather sports fan at best. But during our initial talks with Scott, he was so fired up and passionate about Stadium Apps that I found myself suddenly wanting to take my son to a Padres game. His enthusiasm was quite contagious.

We told Scott about the unique capabilities of the Esri mapping platform and how it could help bring his vision to life. We then introduced him to Myles Sutherland from Esri, who is helping startups quickly get up and running with ArcGIS. Scott didn’t waste any time – he met with Myles right away and joined Esri’s Emerging Business program.

Next thing you know, James and I are sitting at Petco Park with our 2-year old son in tow, brainstorming with Scott about building a prototype using the Esri Runtime SDK for iOS.

To be continued…

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