Stadium Apps Goes to Startup Weekend

Stadium Apps Goes to Startup Weekend

As luck would have it, the first ever Entertainment and Media Startup Weekend is happening this weekend in Los Angeles. It’s a perfect opportunity to build momentum for Stadium Apps, so of course we’re jumping right in!

Startup Weekend is a fast-paced, 54-hour event where budding entrepreneurs, designers, coders, etc form teams to jump start a business idea, build as much of it as they can over the course of the weekend, then give a 5-minute presentation at the end. A panel of local entrepreneurial leaders offer feedback and winners are chosen in various categories.

It’s competitive – make no mistake about that – but the atmosphere is fun, friendly, and very supportive.

James and I were on a winning Startup Weekend team back in 2011. If there is one thing I learned that weekend, it’s that there is absolutely no substitute for passion. Our team leader, Bo Fishback, swept everyone up into his wake of enthusiasm. He had the kind of fire that burned obstacles right out of the way and it stunned me how much the team accomplished.

So we’re coming into this with tall ambitions about what we will create and have ready for the final presentation. It’s even more exciting that this event is focused on  developing new and fresh ideas centered around the viewing and creation of entertainment and media.

“Do you have an idea of how to deliver our sports, music, news, movies, TV, and gaming in a more meaningful and engaging way? Or maybe these industries could benefit from today’s technology?”

Why yes – we do… and they can!

If you’re planning to be there this weekend, please stop by and say hello to our team.

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