About Us

Artisan Global creates mobile apps that help people engage with the world in meaningful and enjoyable new ways. But we do more than just make mobile apps – we help you think geographically.

Company History

We began as a consulting company in 2007, developing enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for businesses and governments, such as the City of Los Angeles. But our roots go far deeper than that — our founders have more than 25 years of experience with GIS.

So although these gadgets may be new, we’ve been helping organizations understand how geography relates to their business for decades. And our GIS background gives us a unique advantage in developing location-aware apps for smartphones.


Artisan Global is an Esri Business Partner with over 25 years of combined experience on their mapping technology platform. Esri’s technology provides much more robust mapping capabilities than the built-in MapKit that comes with the iOS framework.

For the geonerds out there, we’ve been developing Esri solutions ever since the days of command line ArcInfo and we’re fluent in creating custom ArcGIS Server applications using all of the client APIs.

Other partners include HDR Engineering, Engroove Consulting, and Team A Design.


Artisan Global is certified by the City of Los Angeles as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and Small, Local Business Enterprise (SLBE).