Our clients come to us because we have a unique combination of skills.

They stay with us because we’re creative, fun to work with, and we deliver awesome apps!

  • iOS Development

    iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

  • UX Design

    On desktop and mobile

  • ArcGIS Server

    Custom Esri solutions

  • Agile methodology

    Rapid development cycles

Mobile Apps with Maps

The heart of our business is designing and developing mobile apps with maps. We specialize in creating native apps for the iPad and iPhone using Esri’s mapping technology. We’re doing a lot more than throwing pins on a map. For the robust apps that we make, we need the power of Esri’s technology.

Enterprise ArcGIS Server Solutions

Historically, our specialty was developing enterprise solutions for the Esri platform. These applications have a geodatabase and ArcGIS Server backend with a user interface developed using one of Esri’s web mapping client APIs: Silverlight, Flex, or Javascript.

We know the Esri platform inside and out and that makes us uniquely qualified to mobile-enable your enterprise ArcGIS Server apps. We understand the challenges and we’ll help you make the leap – with confidence.

User Experience Design

We make sure to keep the focus on the user experience… so much so that you’ll probably get sick of hearing us talk about it.

We involve actual users early in the process so that we know we’re on the right track. Using Test Flight, we’ll help you build a team of customer/testers who will also become fanatics for your app.

Our Process

Some people talk about Agile as if it’s magic, but in many ways it’s just common sense. We adhere to the principle of keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler.

We’ll get working software to you early and often so that we can incorporate your continuous feedback into the app. This helps ensure a final product that meets your requirements and makes you happy. 🙂