Stadium Apps Demo from Startup Weekend

Stadium Apps Demo from Startup Weekend

It’s been four weeks since our smashing debut at the Entertainment and Media Startup Weekend so it’s about time that we give you a peek at what we’re creating!

Here is a short video of the prototype that we built using the Esri Runtime SDK for iOS. Some of the features shown include:

  • Search for specific concessions
  • Search results include: vendor name, crowd-sourced rating, stadium level, relative price index, current line size, walk time
  • Location of concession on map with shortest walking route
  • Swipe to scroll through search results and update map
  • View menu details for a specific concession
  • View seating charts by level

Scott Larson really nailed his presentation on the final night of Startup Weekend and James finished the demo right at the bell, to thunderous applause. They re-envisioned Stadium Apps as a standalone consumer app called Venyoo.

We generated a lot of buzz coming out of Startup Weekend! Since then, Scott been on a whirlwind tour of meetings with potential customers, partners, and investors. He seems to be gaining more traction with the white label approach, but has not ruled out creating a consumer facing app.

Meanwhile, James is incorporating iBeacon functionality into the prototype and will soon explore Esri’s Geotrigger SDK, scheduled for release next month.

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