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Mobile-Enable Your Business

By 2014, more people will access the web from smartphones than computers. When you’re ready to envision your mobile strategy, let Artisan Global be your guide.

We have over 25 years of experience with Geographic Information Systems. Although mobile may seem new, we’ve been helping organizations understand how location relates to their business for years. Now we are focused on designing the most intuitive yet powerful location aware mobile apps.

Serving Our Community

We love being able to give back to our community!

One of our core values is to always keep learning. With that in mind, we founded the Los Angeles Spatial Meetup Group to provide learning and networking opportunities for people working with or interested in geospatial technologies.

The word “artisan” in our name reflects the value we place on creative expression. We donated time to a local non-profit called Dublab to create an iPhone app that features their unique streaming music programming.

Try Our QuakeFeed App

We excel at designing apps that are informative yet fun and easy to use. But don’t take our word for it – download our QuakeFeed app today and see for yourself!

QuakeFeed is an earthquake app that showcases the unique features of the Esri mapping platform. World earthquakes for the past 7 days are displayed on a map or in a list. Users can filter and sort the earthquakes by size, date or distance and display them on a list or in a map.

Our Unique Value

Our unique value is our combined expertise in Geographic Information Systems and developing iOS apps.

We have been creating custom solutions on the Esri technology platform for over 20 years – since the early days of command line ArcInfo up through the latest advancements with ArcGIS Server. We have been working with the Esri iOS API since its inception and are now focused exclusively on creating iPhone nd iPad apps.

We make mobile apps with maps.

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About Us

Artisan Global creates mobile apps that help people engage with the world in meaningful and enjoyable new ways. We help you think geographically. Read more…

Our Services

We make mobile apps with maps. Our unique value is our combined expertise in Geographic Information Systems and developing iOS apps. Learn more…


Meet James & Linda Richards, the founders of Artisan Global. We’re happy to serve our community through our GIS and mobile technology expertise.